Stage Magic

Magical spectaculars for a large group of audience.  

Magician Scarlet understands the behaviour of audience of different types so each performance is tailor-made according to your need.

Close-up Magic

Magician Scarlet has been immersing himself in close-up magic for more than 15 years, visiting magic maestros and perform as much magic as he can around the world.


Suitable for an audience group of medium size. His close-up mysteries is going to be amaze and amuse.



We are experienced in teaching magic and balloons for company team building with enthusiasm and excitement.


Everyone can get surely be joyful and takes something useful after the classes or workshops. 


Balloon Sculpting

Magician Scarlet's balloon sculptures are delightfully colourful, surely can bring smiles to all ages.


He knows so many designs that can fulfill countless requests from his audience. When someone asks him things that he has never made, worry not, he will just improvise on the spot! 


From Disney Princess to large-scale balloon extravaganzas, we can make wishes come true with our balloon crews' skilful hands.